Highlands Hub is expanding!

We’ve been working with Theo and Amy at Localised to further develop the Highlands Business Hub.  The development enables the whole community to communicate, collaborate, participate and connect on one platform.

Think of it as Virtual Glen Innes!

All of the functions of the Business Hub will still be there but it will now also make it easy for the whole community to:

+Find community organisations to join and support

+Find local job seekers to recruit into your organisations

+Find local employers to research and apply for jobs

+Find local mentors to build skills and knowledge

+Find local businesses to buy from, sell to and partner with

+Find business associations and networks to join

+Find local community or business events

+Find tendering opportunities

+Promote community and business news

If you can be a user tester for us please do get in touch with me on 0267302403 or email me.