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Bid Blast #20 August 2020

Grant Funding Opportunities and Resources

Welcome to Glen Innes Severn Council’s newsletter informing committees, community groups, businesses, and not for profits of potential funding opportunities through grants.

Welcome to the latest Bid Blast

There are an enormous amount of funding and assistance opportunities during this difficult time. This bid blast focuses on a few of these under the categories of Drought Assistance, Bushfire Assistance, COVID-19 Assistance, Community Grants and Business Grants.

Links to further opportunities or assistance are under each category which I recommend you explore based on your or your business’s individual needs.

For an update on Economic Development and Council’s Grants status please see the latest Council Report – page 152 –

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In the meantime, if you or your organisation are looking for specific projects, grants or funding, then don’t be shy in sending me an email at


Margot Davis, Economic Development Manager

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Margot Davis

Manager Economic Development - Glen Innes Severn Council & Glen Innes Highlands

Overall the role of Economic Development Manager is to deliver in conjunction with MANEX the following Deliver Program objectives – which is for the period 2017-2020 – please see link to this and other strategic documents here -
1. Facilitate market & business opportunities
2. Develop a strong brand for Glen Innes Highlands
3. Facilitate growth & support business development
4. Recognise & support the agricultural sector as the most significant local industry within the LGA
The yearly Operational Plan sets tasks for the ED Manager to fulfill in each FY.

Glen Innes Highlands is the town's adopted Economic Development and Destination brand.

My team manage the following brands including their website and social media channels.

Economic Development Achievements and Outcomes – FY18-19
• Provided funding through the Business Incentive Fund to the value of $41,482.76 to three local businesses
• Launched ‘Progressive Country’ brand pillar on the old Glen Innes Highlands website – action out of Operational Plan to launch a prospectus for the town
• Launched the Visitor Information Shop via shopify to promote local products whilst transitioning product towards local producers, handmade and pivoting to promoting experiences.
• Launched the New England High Country campaign in conjunction with tourism partners - - Australia first for HEMA maps creating a bespoke Motorcycle Touring Map.
• Entered and were a finalist in the Whotif Competition for the ‘Next Big Thing’ – national reach PR campaign leveraged to create awareness of GIH.
• Re-branded Australian Celtic Festival
• Held the Next Crop event which I believe you attended and responded positively
• Funded a Shop Local campaign to be led by Business In Glen
• Event Managed the ‘Rugged Bash’ event
• Partnered with UNE Smart Region Incubator to deliver Design Thinking workshop for local businesses
• Successfully applied for $11,795,165 in grants for the year.
• Event Managed the Australian Celtic Festival – sold 4,298 tickets of which 3,664 were visitors – impact for local economy 2.12million.
• Facilitate a successful application for Glen Innes to become and RV Friendly town.
• Ran a Small Business month event where the marketing strategy for Glen Innes Highlands was shared.
• Briefed and appointed a consultant to undertake the centennial Parklands Plan of Management and Master Plan – due to go up to Council at the May meeting
• Received the Northern Inland Regional Economic Development Strategy to leverage in developing our next ED strategy & Action Plan in FY19-20 per operational plan
• Updated all ooh media outdoor signage and commenced the development of the new marketing campaign

Economic Development Achievements and Outcomes – FY19-20

Please see Operational Plan here for all of the tasks required of the ED Manager -
The most important are listed below and via the above link:
1. Development of a ‘whole of place’ Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan
2. Ensure the Glen Innes Highlands brand provide inspiration and information on visiting, returning, moving and investing in the area
3. Provide leadership and guidance to align supporting events, initiatives, organisations and associations with the Glen Innes Highlands Marketing strategy
4. Grant and Funding opportunities
5. Providing opportunities for local businesses to leverage the VIC and GIH media and communications channels
6. Provide and administer the Business Incentive Fund
7. New England Rail Trail project development
Operational Plan and other initiatives delivered:

• Provided funding through the Business Incentive Fund to the value of $15,000 to three local businesses
• Supported Armidale Regional Council and New England Rail Trail in crowd funding campaign to pay for Business Case
• Provided funding for multiple events to the value of $38,000 so far
• Have continued to bring in local products into the VIC – some include Hare & Tortoise, Glen Olives, Black Garlic, Lloyd Hornsby art and craft, Annie’s Brew – we are currently reviewing categories on the SHOP to direct more attention to our locally produced suppliers.
• Submitted a response to the Select Committee for Regional Jobs
• Secured a Better Homes & Gardens Feature for Glen Innes Highlands
• Reviewed and contributed to the Rail Trail Business Case – went to Council March council Meeting
• Launched the Glen Innes Highlands new website based on the Visit/Live/Invest Marketing strategy
• Created and funded the town’s Next Event’ signage out of a request from BiG
• Launched the Glen Innes Highlands marketing campaign to key markets of South-East Qld, Northern Rivers, Sydney and New England
• Event Managed ‘Christmas in the Highlands’
• Created a business engagement strategy launching the Economic Development Newsletter – sign up here:
• Contributed to the Local Strategic Planning Statement to ensure reference to the new ED Strategy (currently in development_
• Appointed a consultant for the new ED Strategy & Action Plan – outline of approach as adopted by Council can be found here:
o Phase 1 is almost complete
o Phase 2 in planning for community consultation
• Grant Funding received so far to the value of $2,728,526 with a further $8,680,019 applications lodged and pending a decision
• Social and affordable housing – support for new developer

Upcoming projects for this financial year will be detailed in the April Business Paper – please review at your leisure.

Note: Glen Innes Highlands Visitor Association (GIHVA) and Business In Glen (BiG) are independent membership-based associations/chambers with their own member benefits.  You can inquire about membership via their websites.

Glen Innes Severn Council & Glen Innes Highlands

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