Glen Innes Powerhouse Museum in development

A VISION TO develop a museum dedicated to power generation and powered machines (as opposed to road-going equipment) from past to present to future.

We will do this through interpretive time-line focussed interactive displays that incorporate the history of local
and national power generation and consumption, showcasing the progression to a modern sustainable power
industry both within the Glen Innes region and nationally.

The interactive and engaging museum will complement other heritage attractions in the region and those in the
Sydney Powerhouse Museum to attract a wide audience across different age and interest groups. The proposed
partnership with the Sydney Powerhouse Museum would see a collaborative sharing of assets, educational
programs and materials as well as a stop-off for travelling exhibitions.

The museum will attract visitors, provide rich education opportunities and be a powerful storytelling instrument
that facilitates regional access to our nation’s progression and future direction of power generation.
The museum will be financially self-sufficient, providing business and job opportunities linked to the New
England Renewable Energy Zone, significant existing historic assets and the proposed partnership with Sydney
Powerhouse museum.